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Warner Peacock, Owner & CEO

Warner Peacock is the Chairman and CEO of Peacock Automotive, a group of 17 dealerships located in  Savannah, Ga., Orlando, and Hilton Head and Columbia, S.C.


Warner and his companies are actively involved in a wide variety of charitable community-based organizations. Most recently, he was named an Ambassador at the Congaree Club.


He is a Board Member of the SouthernCarolina Alliance and also serves on the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association. In 2014, he was nominated by former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and then confirmed by the South Carolina Senate to the South Carolina Jobs and Economic Development Authority Board of Directors and is currently Vice Chairman.


In addition to his expanding dealership holdings, Warner has invested in and developed properties for both himself and others all over the Southeast including car and motorcycle dealerships, casual dining restaurants, bank branches, residential communities, shopping centers and lifestyle properties.

A native of Tallahassee, Fla., Warner earned a degree in business with a major in accounting from Florida State University's College of Business. Warner resides in Palmetto Bluff, S.C., and Windermere, Fla., with his wife, Mary Kaye. They have two children who live and work in New York City, and four white labs who live at home.

Mary Kaye Peacock, CCO

Imagine that you had hundreds of guests every day. Sound a little overwhelming? Maybe even a little scary? Not to Mary Kaye Peacock. If anything, she finds the flow into our showrooms and service centers exciting--even exhilarating.

Because Mary Kaye views every visit as a chance to delight someone. And every day is a new opportunity to make 1,000-plus people feel good. 

What Mary Kaye does every day. Officially, Mary Kaye is our Director of Facilities Planning and Design--a fitting title considering her 38-year interior design background.

But some of us call her "Chief Culture Officer", because, like art and music, what she does tends to touch and uplift people.

"What can we make better?" Besides designing and planning our award-winning showrooms and "green" facilities, Mary Kaye inspects and investigates every space tirelessly, asking herself things like, "Are the buildings gleaming? The flowers fresh? The interiors welcoming? The seating clean and comfy?"

In our onsite cafe, which she runs, she makes sure the food's fresh, the flavored waters refreshing, and the service is friendly and fast.

And if the answer is ever anything less than "yes!" she finds ways to make things better - from rearranging to more frequent cleaning. 

Happy to help. Besides making customers comfortable, Mary Kaye makes life easier for all of us who work here. She makes our spaces easy to work in: well-lit, well-equipped and well-organized, with plenty of storage space. 

She even makes sure that service technicians have comfortable uniforms. They're made of performance fabrics, similar to athletic wear. (After all, it's easier to tune a performance engine when your shirt's not scratchy or stiff.)

"Our organization is really a living organism," she says. "What I do is nurture and care for it, so we can care for our customers better."

All told, Mary Kaye looks at facilities as places that should help both our employees and customers feel - and be - their best. 


Ken Kirby, General Manager

Keith Roman, General Sales Manager

Stephen Ciolko, Service Director

Philip Sullivan, Finance Manager



William Harper, Delivery Specialist

Bill Harper is a true native of the lowcountry. Born in Hampton, he was raised in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, attended May River Academy (now Hilton Head Prep since a mid-80's merger with Sea Pines Academy), and earned a degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

 Bill has been a passionate and proud Subaru Outback owner since 2015; so passionate in fact that he was recruited two years ago to join the Peacock Subaru team one day while having his car serviced. What better person to share the benefits of the brand than someone who owns the car himself.

 Prior to his Peacock days, he embarked on a solo cross-country trip pulling a T@G Camper with his first Outback. When not delivering cars to far-away places for his special customers and earning 5-star reviews from his Delivery Specialist clients, Bill spends his time on the May River with his four-legged best friend, Echo. His hobbies include Kayaking, Camping, and Photography, and his favorite color is blue, which fits in perfectly with his love of all things Subaru. Should you have the pleasure of crossing paths with Bill Harper, ask him to show you photos of his previous Outback, and his favorite photos from his cross-country trip. You will be glad you did!

Ben Thomas, Client Advisor

Blake Peters, Client Advisor

Adam Santarelli, Client Advisor

Jeremy Neal, Client Advisor

John Davidson, Client Advisor

Ryan Stowell, Internet Sales Coordinator


Parts & Service

Steven Fagan, Parts Director

Ashley Clayton, Parts Counter

Charles Francis, Service Advisor

Spencer Carter, Service Advisor

Myles Fisher, Shop Foreman

Garrett Pickenpaugh, Technician

Ruben Rivera, Certified Technician

Craig Robinson, Detail Specialist

Nicholas Hickey, Lube Technician

Greg Shell, Technician



Barri Weinberg, Receptionist