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To our valued customers, associates and visitors:

We continue to closely monitor the news and updates as they come out. Consistent with the many adjustments that are being made to operating protocols throughout the world, Peacock Subaru is constantly re-evaluating and improving the appropriate measures we take to ensure the safety of everyone we encounter. 

To date, we have been diligent in our cleaning and sanitization efforts. Yet we determined that we should escalate our commitment. To further ensure complete adherence with our protective measures, we have appointed a key associate at each of our locations who is accountable and authorized to direct ongoing prevention activities. 

These include sanitization efforts consistent with the recommendations of the CDC. Doors, restrooms, stairwells, elevators, hard surfaces, lounges, etc., will be sanitized throughout the day and again overnight. Touch points in customer vehicles are being cleaned both at drop-off and return. We are asking all our associates to advance new requests and ideas to their location appointee who is empowered to make the necessary improvements to our collective safety. 

Late last week, we announced complimentary pickup and delivery for all customers wanting repair and/or maintenance to their vehicles. Reflecting on the changing events and risk assessments over the past several days, we have concluded that it is in everyone's best interest to suspend this, effective immediately. With brands where concierge services have traditionally been in place, we will continue the service on a limited basis.

As always, we embrace the opportunity to offer our customers online buying. Through our world-class websites, we offer thousands of vehicles for review and purchase. We are continually identifying new ways to complete virtually all of the transaction online, if that is your choice. Certainly, today's environment makes this an even more attractive alternative. 

The choice is yours. When you come to one of our wonderful dealerships, do it knowing that we are committed to providing you a clean, friendly experience, and one that is as risk-free as we can make it.  And if you'd rather work with us online, we'll gladly provide you with the same friendly, helpful level of service. 

Thank you for letting us update you on what Peacock Subaru is doing to address this situation. 

Be Safe,
Ken Kirby
General Manager
Peacock Subaru